It not the most magnificent and appreciable concept car in which creation the Bavarian motor-car manufacturer of BMW took part, however this car can become the most significant achievement of the company in the near future.


Visio Project

Concept received name Visio. M MUTE also is the prototype created by Technical University of Munich under the direction of German BMW. The model is positioned as a future car that is developed for the purpose of “deducing” of absolutely new types of the cars showing the maximum profitability and productivity, not conceding to present models with internal combustion engines. In this project it is already invested 14 with superfluous millions dollars, mainly the Ministry of Education of Germany. Concept model Visio. M MUTE becomes important step to creation of new technologies to logistics, safety at crashes, engine workings out that will be applied to the future cars of mass production.

At an auto show in Switzerland tow new models will be shown - the open version of sport car Golf GTI and new version Polo - GT Blue.

The prototype of a cabriolet of Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabrio debuted last year at the Austrian exhibition. The serial car, most likely, loses an aggressive body-whale who has been established on concept, light-emitting diode headlights and light-alloy disks by dimension of 19 inches. Wheels of the given diameter will be included into the list of the additional equipment. Sports cabriolet Golf GTI Cabriolet with a soft cleaned roof receives the 210-strong petrol motor in volume of 2.0 liters. The novelty does not concede in dynamics to a three-door hatchback which is accelerated to first “hundred” for 6,9 with and develops the maximum speed of 240 km/h.

The second Geneva debutant of Volkswagen - hatchback Polo GT Blue - is equipped by the 1.4-litre gasoline engine capacity of 140 h.p. with system of deactivation of half of cylinders. At small loading of the motor in a range of 1 400-4 000 rpm and a twisting moment of 25-100 Nanometers the system disconnects two cylinders. It is expected that the given technology helps the car to save an order of fuel of 0,5 l on each 100 km of a way, writes Carscoop.

The Bavarian concern of BMW spread the first official information on the most powerful version of a coupe and cabriolet M6. Both refreshed models received new design of the front part, specially adjusted suspension and engine V8 in volume of 4,4 l with a double turbo-supercharging which develops about 560 l. With. According to the official data, engine V8 differs comprehensible profitability and spends a little more than 10 l for 100 km of a way. Besides, BMWs M6 equipped with other booster of the steering, the increased track and seven-step check point Drive logic with two clutches and active differential on a rear axle. As options powerful carbon-ceramic brakes and 20-inch wheel disks will be accessible to buyers.


The plasticity, aluminum doors and a cowl, and also composite materials from which a number of others body elements is executed was possible to facilitate a novelty body at the expense of a roof from reinforced carbon. The coupe weight makes now 1850 kg, and a cabriolet – 1980 kg. For dispersal to first hundred coupe spends 4,2 seconds, and the cabriolet – for 0,1 seconds is more.

Outside BMW M6 family can be distinguished for the more aggressive and kind a slight design, new front, the easy aerodynamic package, the expanded wheel arches and four chrome plated branch pipes of final system.


The world debut of BMW M6 and BMW M6 Cabrio takes place in March, 2012 on the International showroom in Geneva. The premiere of novelties for the market of the USA takes place later, in April of current year at an exhibition in New York. Also in the company declared that BMW M6 appears and in Russia, but not earlier than the next summer.

On the International showroom in Geneva the debut of III generation of Audi RS 4 Avant with motor V8, seven-step check point S tronic and a constant all-wheel drive quattro® takes place.

In the third generation of Audi RS 4 Avant the same is established high preasure atmospheric engine V8, as in Audi RS 5 Coupe in volume of 4,2 l and capacity of 450 l. With. With such power-plant the car is dispersed to first hundred for 4,7 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited by electronics on a mark of 250 km/h with possibility of expansion to 280 km/h. Thus average fuel consumption RS 4 Avant makes less than 11 liters on 100 km.

Audi RS4 Avant interior

Seven-step gear box S is engaged in a standard complete set tronic with “long” higher drive which promotes fuel economy. Besides, S tronic has two clutches and switches drives to an automatic mode. The driver can carry out switching and is independent by means of the selector or under wheel petals.

As well as other models of family of Audi RS, a novelty it is equipped with a constant all wheel drive quattro® in a standard complete set. As an option of Audi RS 4 Avant the sports differential with two raising drives for active distribution of a twisting moment between rear wheels is offered.

According to a motor-car manufacturer, the running gear of Audi RS 4 Avant has a difficult design. Many components of a five-lever front suspension and a self-taxiing up rear suspension with trapezoid levers are made of aluminum, and the new highly effective system of a steering is equipped by the electromechanical booster. Besides, direct reduction ratio provides excellent info. The system helps the driver to support a stable trajectory of movement by means of small correcting influences on position of wheels at braking on surfaces with non-uniform factor of clutch.

Besides, for Audi RS 4 Avant more rigid options of a suspender and the road gleam reduced by 20 mm in comparison with Audi A4 Avant are characteristic. The new polished 19-inch shod disks of design of “10 spokes» with tires 265/35 enter into a standard set of the equipment. At desire buyers can order 20-inch disks with tires 265/30. Behind large wheel disks of a front axle the ventilated punched clasp brakes in diameter of 365 mm are established. Read the rest of this entry »

Today German concern Mercedes-Benz has published the first official specifications of a new cabriolet of the E-class, called to replace in modelling to number Mercedes-Benz model CLK. The design of cabriolet Mercedes-Benz of an E-class completely repeats stylistics of a compartment of an E-class. The main distinction between two cars consists in roof type. The cabriolet will get top made of cloth which automatically can rise and be cleaned for some seconds. Novelty Mercedes-Benz will receive some innovative technologies. The first of them is technology Aircap. The essence given systems consists that at the lowered roof on a windshield edge the special spoiler protecting passengers from the running stream of air rises. As writes Autocar, engineers of German concern have spent some thousand hours of tests in a wind tunnel, testing efficiency of new system which at all advantages has some lacks. The basic minus Aircap that use of the given system increases the expense of fuel of the car. The second innovative technology Mercedes-Benz of an E-class has received name Airscarf. In each armchair special fans which during driving with open top blow warm air of a neck of passengers are built in.
The scale of engines of the car will include three diesel motors capacity 170, 204 both 231 h.p. and four petrol units capacity 184, 204, 292 and 388 h.p.
The competitor of cabriolets BMW of 3rd series and Audi A5 debuts on the international motor show in Detroit in January of next year. Cost of cabriolet Mercedes-Benz of an E-class is not disclosed yet.

Audi A4 Avant, long time disregarded tuners, has appeared before the admirers in a new image with more impressing indicators after operational development in studio AVUS Performance. In press release AVUS Performance, accurate and short, it is said, that experts have painted a body of station wagon Audi A4 Avant in black matte colour, have put on black 21-inch light-alloy disks, equipped with a sports suspender and have given the new name - Black Arrow (”a black arrow”). At will of the customer, in studio can “put” on model in disks dimension from 19 to 20 inches, equip “stern” completely with light-emitting diode optics and pick up for a car body other colors.
audi a4 avant
The base engine for novelty AVUS Performance has chosen 2,7-litre diesel motor TDI which in a standard variant “gives out” 190 h.p. and 399 Nanometers. After small modernisation the motor became stronger on 40 h.p., the twisting moment has increased by 84 Nanometers. If the client of studio has no Audi A4 Avant with the 2,7-litre diesel unit engineers AVUS Performance are ready to “pump over” any engine of a station wagon equipped with a supercharger.

Cost of operational development of model in the official press release is not specified.

The Mercedes-Benz does not prepare to let out cheaper version sport car SLS AMG Gullwing which has been presented on the international motor show in Frankfurt in September of this year, but in German concern has made decision to create the “charged” version of the car - Black Series. The factory variant of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing is completed with 571-strong motor V8 in volume of 6.2 litres which works together with a seven-step gear box with two clutches. By data from sources in a Mercedes-Benz, speedup to first “hundred” at the car will occupy 3,8 sec, the maximum speed will make 315 km/hour.
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing
Version Black Series will be where more powerfully and faster “donor”. As writes Autocar, the limited series of the car will go on sale more close by 2013. Novelty cost will make more £155 thousand Such sum it is necessary to pay for the car which will be completed by the 6,2-litre motor, whose power will make at least 600 h.p., and a twisting moment - 675 Nanometers. Competitor Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano also begins to differ from the serial version of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing a special aerodynamic weather-cloth and in smaller weight. On preliminary data, the model by means of “diet” will dump, at least, 50 kg. The modernised engine will join with seven-step transmission with two clutches, but superpenalties of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing Black Series because of improved aerodynamics and lower weight about 100 km/hour for 3,5 sec will be capable to be accelerated and to continue a set of speed up to 335 km/hour. It is necessary to remind, that in 2011 in the market there will be an open version of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing, and hardly later German concern the superpenalty will present electric version. This car will receive at once four electric motors, whose total power will exceed 500 h.p.